New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Maurice Meewisse


Maurice Meewisse is an artist based in Rotterdam whose work chases a sense of enforced reflection in circularity. He uses natural materials – primarily salvaged wood and stone – as well as found waste and building materials to question how humans interact with and try to control nature.

Zaagkoffer – [chain]saw case – is a carrying case for a chainsaw made from a mixture of dried wood chips and a home-made gelatine-glycerine, biodegradable adhesive. Combining these two results in a type of lightweight chipboard that is both robust and flexible and can be manufactured into sheets or kneaded like clay. The process starts with the felling of trees with a chainsaw; the woodchip byproduct is used to make the case for the saw that felled the trees, a pointed critique of deforestation and overuse.
year: 2010
Materials: Art, Industrial Waste