New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Antoine Peters

The Lenticular Project

Antoine Peters is a fashion designer-cum-architect for whom the human body is the binding factor in art and design. Based in Amsterdam, he stretches – sometimes quite literally – the meaning of wearability through his designs.

Lenticular printing is a technique used to produce an image that changes optically in colour or depth as it moves. Peters researched the possibilities of applying this technique to creating clothing with ‘multiple designs’; the colour of the print changes depending on the movements of the wearer or the viewer. Lenticular Dress 2.0 literalises this concept through a simple Japanese folding technique. The pleats allow three patterns to be seen by the viewer depending on which aspect is facing them. A dress with three versions of itself could hold higher value for its wearer and therefore have a longer life than an unremarkable dress.
year: 2016
Materials: Fashion, Textile