New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Lizanne Dirkx

The Drinking Fountain

Lizanne Dirkx is a researcher and designer who currently works in sustainability education at Superuse Studios, where she initiates projects that support sustainability and improve social structures.

In 2011, Dirkx developed the concept for an office water cooler that requires no plastic. If clay is fired at a low temperature, it allows water to evaporate through the porous walls, bringing about a natural cooling effect. Dirkx designed a pod-like ceramic fountain that naturally cools the water that flows through it, and which is linked to an office’s water supply, doing away with the need for bottled water. Special glasses and a carafe with rubber valves in the bottom are provided at the Drinking Fountain. When placed on one of the valves, the glasses are automatically filled with cool water. The social aspect of the Drinking Fountain remains, while the disposability of its elements are eliminated.
year: 2011
Materials: Ceramics, Furniture, Homeware