New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Jo Meesters

Reconstructing Particles – Farrago

Jo Meesters is a product designer based in Eindhoven who specialises in art direction and in what he dubs ‘product identity development’. Since founding his studio in 2001, he has been building a design ethos of craftsmanship and detailing that results in a sustainable product.

Reconstructing Particles was a research project that investigated different possibilities of recycling and aimed to find new applications for waste and residual industrial and biological materials. The Farrago line is one of the outcomes of Reconstructing Particles. It consists of a series of containers and small furniture pieces based on industrial wood waste and residual materials, primarily sawdust. The inner structure and the moulds for the containers are wooden. With a mixture of cellulose, sawdust and glue, the structure and moulds were covered layer by layer. In this way, the waste from the timber industry was utilised and an alternative production process was initiated.

year: 2012
Materials: Industrial Waste, Furniture