New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Berber Soepboer

Product Pieces

Berber Soepboer is a Amsterdam-based fashion designer whose products aim to free the user to play, to create an identity with the canvas she provides. Soepboer believes that awareness and intentionality are crucial to sustainability in the fashion industry.

Product Pieces is a garment design concept whose main objective is to provide information. The design shows an alternative to the contemporary handling of clothing. It is characterized by the variety of ways it can be worn: through various folding patterns, five differently printed square pieces of fabric can be converted into five different designs. Soepboer’s idea is based on the main elements of traditional costumery. The prints, designed by graphic designer Michiel Schuurman, demonstrate the way the square is to be folded, involving the consumer in the process and inviting an element of play into the act of putting on clothes.
year: 2012
Materials: Construction, Bioplastic