New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Simone Post


Simone Post is a textile and product designer based in Rotterdam. Since her graduation in 2015, Post has developed designs using the waste and scraps of textile and fashion brands, showcasing the residual, expandable value in unwanted fabrics. Post is also a member of the design collective Envisions.

Vlisco is a textile company based in Helmond, the Netherlands, that produces high-end waxed fabrics for the Central and West African markets. Post conducted material research into Vlisco’s waste fabrics and misprints. This study resulted in the Vlisco Recycled Carpet, part of her broader POST-VLISCO project. The great variety of waste fabrics led Post to design unique circular rugs inspired by enormous bolts of fabric ready for shipment. By avoiding encroaching on Vlisco’s own designs and creating a highly marketable use for the waste, Post succeeded in engendering a unique and fruitful collaboration with a large producer.
year: 2016
Materials: Traditional Craftmanship, Waste, Textile, Homeware