New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Overtreders W and Bureau SLA

People’s Pavilion: 100% Borrowed

In 2017, Overtreders W and Bureau SLA designed Dutch Design Week’s People’s Pavilion, the central meeting point and discussion platform of the festival. A temporary building usually produces inordinate waste compared to the amount of time the building is actually used, so the designers tried a novel approach: they would borrow 100% of the materials for the 250m2 pavilion and would keep all of the materials pristine, i.e., not interfered with via sawing, drilling, gluing, etc. The components were lashed together with straps and steel bands. By removing the straps, the building could be disassembled and the materials returned to their original owners. The only exception to the borrowed materials was the cladding of the pavilion, consisting of an earlier product of Overtreders W and Bureau SLA, PrettyPlastic Tiles, for which the plastic was crowdsourced from Eindhoven neighbourhoods. The tiles could be reused following disassembly.
year: 2018
Materials: Façade, Architecture, Plastic, Recycling, Modularity