New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Milo Dool

Pendant Lights

Milo Dool is a product designer who specialises in discovering new pathways for raw materials, combining handcraft with modern production techniques.

In 2014, Dool researched the effect that white rot has on wood. One in four trees has a fungus; mould-infested trees are not put on the timber market and are usually chipped. Dool designed a new use for this waste wood in his Pendant Light; a lamp made of fungus-infested beech wood. Wooden components affected with white rot have an increased light transparency. Other fungi provide colour differences and patterns in the wood. These material properties make the wood unsuitable for a timber industry that values purity, but in turn they add value to this design. Dool has made the wood for the lamps up to 1.5 millimetres thin, so light can shine through and create an ambient lighting effect.
year: 2014
Materials: Lighting, Waste, Mycelium