New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Jacob Alkema

Integral foamed concrete

Jacob Alkema is an artist and designer who primarily makes shelving and lighting objects. He focuses on the experience of a space and the light effects of and on the objects themselves.

In 2011, Alkema found a way to integrate foamed concrete into construction. The worldwide production of concrete continues to rise, but innovation is lagging behind. Foamed concrete is lighter and more durable than ordinary concrete, but it is also more vulnerable to water damage and erosion due to its absorbent qualities. These disadvantages can be eliminated by covering the core with a solid outer shell, also made from sand, cement and water. Integral foamed concrete reduces CO2 emissions by half when compared to standard concrete. Furthermore, it has the advantage of recyclability and offers a wider range of applications because, for instance, it can also be pre-cast to produce rounded forms.
year: 2011
Materials: Carbon Output, Construction