New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Daria Biryukova - Studio Mixtura


Daria Biryukova – a self-described ‘design alchemist’ – founded Studio Mixtura in 2015. She experiments with waste and secondary raw materials, operating with the knowledge that humanity will soon require a mass switchover to waste reuse and repurposing.

Biryukova conducted extensive research into the properties of ash-based ceramics glazes. She explored the use of different types of ash from the incineration processes of general waste, glass and paper recycling. These residues, which have a complex mineral composition, became the basis of FORZ®Glaze recipes. FORZ®Glaze can be applied to several materials such as stoneware and porcelain. It has excellent water- and chemical-resistance and it responds to all environmental criteria regarding glaze production and application. Biryukova patented FORZ®Glaze with Mineralz B.V. in 2016; since 2021 it has been used by industrial ceramics company Dijkstra Friese Kleiwarenfabriek in a large line of products such as tiles, brick slips, glazed bricks and by Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam in the 100% Recycled Tableware collection.
year: 2018
Materials: Ceramics, Waste, Construction