New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Marjan van Aubel

Energy Collection

Marjan van Aubel’s 2012 New Material Award-winning Energy Collection is tableware that collects solar energy from its direct surroundings. Each glass object contains a photovoltaic layer of Dye Sensitised Solar Cell; a type of solar cell that collects currents through the wavelengths of the dye in the glassware (the dye is produced from plants such as spinach and blueberries). The tableware comes with a specially designed cupboard which also acts as the battery. Each glass object has a conductive copper ring that corresponds with the electronic circuit that is visible on the shelving. When connected to the shelf, the object releases the energy it has collected into the cupboard; the electricity is then stored until used to charge a phone or a USB-powered lamp. Harnessing solar power for everyday items humanises the idea of collecting electricity and sparks awareness of the energy all around us.
year: 2012
Materials: NMA Winner, Energy, Furniture