New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Paul Kruize


Paul Kruize is a former interior designer who produces bespoke, made-to-order denim and menswear capsule clothing in Enschede. He makes all of his pieces on a single Juki sewing machine, embracing the singularity of the handmade trouser.

Conscious of the way clothing is discarded when it is too worn to wear, Kruize came up with Deadjeans, a way to use the last scraps of fabric before a pair of jeans really must go to the rag collector (or the incinerator, or the landfill). Deadjeans asked people to remove the back pockets of their old jeans and send them in to the company, which would convert them into a smartphone ‘pocket’ case and return it to the customer. Kruize recognized the attachment people have to beloved articles of clothing; Deadjeans was an initiative that attempted to chip away at the straight-to-the-landfill fashion industry, one pocket at a time.
year: 2010
Materials: Textile, Repair, Circularity, Fashion