New Material Award 2009–2018 
New Material Award 2009-2018

Klaas Kuiken


Klaas Kuiken is a product designer whose motto – ‘Stop Making Sense’ – guides his anti-mass-consumeristic sensibilities and allows him to stretch the possibilities of discarded material. He questions the identity of mass-produced objects and imposes design interventions on items destined for the incinerator.

Kuiken transformed two-litre wine bottles discarded by restaurants and hotels into Bottles with different, arresting shapes. Irregular thicknesses in the glass walls create curvatures of varying depths. By constricting the body of the bottle at various points, new shapes are produced. Kuiken built his own glass-blowing setup using a modified ceramics oven and a compressor in his own studio to produce a collection of Bottles in all shapes and sizes. With a range of uses from oil or vinegar dispensers to carafes to pure decoration, these bottles have a true second life.
year: 2010
Materials: Glass, Circularity, Homeware